Credit - Business and Personal Accounts 

For customers who are working on larger projects, (ie. a house or cottage), or for shopping at our store on a long-term basis, we offer the convenience of opening an "in-house account".  Credit applications can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.  Once your application is completed IN FULL, you will be notified of your approval.  Your complete information will then be kept on record and you will be expected to follow the terms of the credit agreement.  Statements of your account will be mailed to you on the first day of each month and prompt payment is expected (15th of the month).

Click here to print a Business Account Credit Application

Click here to print a Personal Credit Application

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Castle Credit Card Application Form

Put your project on a Castle credit card... it's easy! We carry cards for contractors as well as consumers. Get Castle rewards. Check it out. There's a card that's right for you!

Apply for credit today! It's easy. Simply print out the Application Form (click below to download PDF). Complete the form and bring it into the store. Your information will be kept confidential.

Enjoy the freedom of shopping at your local Castle Building Centre while earning easy travel miles. Apply today for your Castle Credit Card. (Complete the Consumer or Commercial form below.)

Benefits you will enjoy as a cardholder:

  • NO FEE CREDIT CARD - No hidden annual memberships or transaction fees.
  • COMPETITIVE INTEREST RATES - Special tiered annul percentage rates (APR) based on your monthly balance.
  • MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS - Minimum payment of 5% of balance.
  • MONTHLY BILLING STATEMENT - Detailed statement outlining balance owing, list of transactions & available credit.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly & prompt assistance regarding your balance owing, lost or stolen cards. Toll free number 1-800-563-9544



Consumer Credit Application Commercial Credit  Application




Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Castle Card, and of course cash and cheques.